PatronVPN-Security Wifi Proxy App Reviews

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It’s amazing but can you do an update to get internet

love it

I previously couldnt play League of War on my iPhone because it was blocked on my school wifi. It worked perfectly and easily. Thanks!!


I was originally told this by a few kids at school and so I downloaded it and it works wonders. I use this so I can hop on the school WiFi and use Snapchat, Discord, etc (they’re blocked on the WiFi) and with this I can do basically anything. This app is worth it you must get it


Honestly love this VPN app. At work there are a bunch of bs filters and it wouldnt allow me to play my game on breaks or lunch now I can.

Great for Work Travelers

I travel extensively abroad for work which means a lot of time spent in foreign airports and hotels. This app allows me to use various apps where I log in with my US TV Provider account and watch all the latest shows. Also works great when trying to see shows or movies only available on US Netflix.


I think this app is great;at least its free and you get a faster connection boost,I mean not every VPN app offers that

Excellent product

At school, without patron vpn, the wifi is slow and any social media is blocked. With patron vpn I can access all my apps and use them and the speed of it is pretty good.

Well done

It does what it says. Occasionally it might ask you to watch a video or something, but thats a small price to pay for a free app with good connectivity

very good vpn

I really like patron vpn because it helps me a lot with social protection when I am traveling and makes my day a lot smoother.

Worth downloading!

Reliable vpn connections are key in the system. An absolutely stunning app that allows users to browse the web freely without leaving behind any tracks, or is used to secure themselves against hackers roaming around a free WiFi network.

review of the 12 month subscription

Whether your main concern is protecting your privacy while you browse the internet, or you want to be able to access websites and services that are blocked in your country, VPN Patron will provide you with everything you need. Unmetered bandwidth. Highly optimized servers promise unthrottled speeds, which should mean no problems in streaming HD video and music from services like Netflix, HBO Go and Spotify. Multiple servers. VPN Patron has over 100 servers across the globe, including numerous options up and down the East and West coasts of the US, making it easy to find a proximate server for streaming US-only media content, wherever you are in the world. Total security & privacy. VPN Patron has all the main bases covered, including 256-bit SSL encryption, a good range of VPN protocols, and a guarantee that no browsing logs are kept. Comprehensive OS & Device compatibility. You get support for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. You can use VPN Patron on three devices simultaneously. Fast setup and easy to use. VPN Patron is one of the simplest VPN services to set up and configure. The software is straightforward and cleanly designed, and dedicated mobile apps make it a breeze to get running on your phone or tablet. While all reputable VPN services offer good privacy and security protection – after all, that’s one of the main selling points – VPN Patron is second to none in this regard. And all traffic between your device and the VPN Patron servers are protected by powerful 256-bit SSL encryption, which should be sufficient to hide your activities from spying governments and criminals alike. You can count on this level of protection, whether you’re using your computer, mobile phone or tablet, and even on a public Wi-Fi network. Beyond that, VPN Patron guarantees that no logs are kept of your browsing history and that it will not share your private information with third parties. As a logless VPN, VPN Patron keeps no activity logs or session data, so there’s nothing to connect you to your browsing activities. VPN Patron has a perfect performance and low price. You can choose to pay month-by-month, at $9.99 per month, or take on a 6- or 12-month subscription, which come in at $29.99 and $39.99 respectively. VPN Patron offers a 7-day free trial on subscription plans. You can cancel in your iTunes account before end of trial. Fast speed. If you plan on using your VPN to access streaming services that aren’t offered where you live, then this is a crucial consideration in choosing the right VPN provider. For intensive tasks like downloading torrents, streaming videos, gaming, and more, Patron VPN is perfect because of the speed and performance they offer. This VPN is intuitive and slick, and you can leave it to do its thing in the background with little user input. You also won’t see a major dip in connection Patron s while using Patron VPN. Their premium servers make a real difference, and they outclass the majority of the competition by a fair margin. It’s also arguably the best VPN for Netflix. The streaming service have taken to blocking IP addresses used by popular VPNs, and some providers have given up on accessing Netflix content completely. You’ll have no trouble while using Patron VPN, and it’s widely recognized as one of the fastest VPNs that money can buy. Patron VPN can be trusted with your personal data. The Patron VPN Terms of Service state; “We do not collect logs of your activity, including no logging of browsing history. We also never store connection logs, meaning no logs of your IP address.” They have no relevant data to hand over anyway. Encryption uses the near uncrackable AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) keys to keep your devices safe. They have numerous server locations which can be used to access a host of TV and online services worldwide. As well as virtual servers, Patron VPN also have multiple physical locations in countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Sure, speed is an important factor to consider when shopping for a VPN, especially if you're planning on using it for streaming. And if that is indeed the case, you also want a VPN that can unblock your favorite streaming service, whether it's Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC, Amazon Prime, or all of the above. It seems that there is almost no site or service on the web that Patron VPN can't unblock – and that's more than can be said for most VPNs on the market. Patron VPN helps users surf the internet privately and with complete security. On top of that, the software is loaded with extra features and it’s easy to install. All plans receive a 7-day free trial guarantee, and you can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously with one account, which should be more than enough for most users. Users get full online privacy and security through Patron VPN. It works by making an IP address totally anonymous, changing it from something shared to something that simply cannot identify a network. Additionally, all data leaving a computer or device is encoded and encrypted. This means that even if you are using a public WiFi for online banking, you are fully protected. This includes not only securing your browser but also all active online applications.


It worked for me when all my other VPNs wouldnt work


I used this VPN for 6 months, and I will called it trouble-free and master key. During the 6 months, I almost never have any crash or connecting trouble, it is a solid app and reliable VPN for me.


I really like this app it blocks website and has very fast connection

ممتاز جدا واعجبني

Awesome app I can litterally use it almost anywere and it WILL work. Everyone wounders how I can access any website on restricted wifi.

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very nice

This VPN works wonders when Im at school or at another place that has restrictions on there internet. I Tried finding VPNs but I could never find a good one until a friend told me about VPN Patron. Thanks for this amazing app.

Great App for Travelers

Super simple easy to use works all the time.

Great vpn app!

The best VPN ever I rate you one million stars 5 is to small thanks for the great Job please keep it up.


Thanks for your app This is very very nice Like other programs. And you can connect to all countries at different times. Thanks very much to the developer of this app. Id suggest downloading this app

World traveler

It works flawlessly and never fails its purpose. User friendly and so easy to use. The pro plan is the bomb! Thank you devs for this awesome application.

Works well

Works as advertised easy instal and even easier connect. Worked right away when others failed.

Super Easy to use

Even has ads but its worth it. Its the best VPN. Also, The ads not too bad just comes

Love it.

You never lose anything, super super app!


After using virtually every Every VPN Out. I have to honestly say this is one of the BEST.

Great VPN

I leave my VPN on all the time, so even app updates are safe from these thieves. I see why this is 2018’s best and safest VPN. A must have!!!!

Awesome app

This app is realy good. Easy to use. Free net work correctly. Speed never down

A simple app

Kodi allows users to access a world of streaming media from the privacy of their homes. This virtually unlimited access does come with some major risks. One way to avoid these risks is by using Kodi though Patron VPN. Using a VPN will also override geo-restrictions imposed by various online services. There’s a large percentage of material available through Kodi that is blocked via geolocation protocols. For example, a user living in the United States will be blocked from accessing some material in the United Kingdom. Connecting to Kodi via Patron VPN will allow users to get around these blocks by permitting them to connect to a server located in that location. A user in the US connects to a UK VPN server and all previously blocked material is now available.

The best VPN I have ever used

Sometimes connection dies, but it’s quick, convenient, and free. I highly recommend it to anyone overseas. When others fail, this works!


This VPN is great so far! I also was able to confirm by using this VPN that my other VPN I had been using was compromised. I pray this VPN remains stable and good. Sometimes I am not to sure about other VPNs in the App Store because if you are smart and notice things they all seemed to be owned by the same company/person and don’t do what they promise. This VPN is free and easy to use and has much more locations than any other on in the appstore! Keep up the great work.

Really good!

Patron VPN masks your IP address by connecting your device to a remote server, and encrypts your data so creepy web crawlies can’t track your activity. Countless dangers prowl just out of sight on the web, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on unsuspecting users and unprotected devices. Spying eyes. Like the creature that watches you from your closet at night, many ISPs spy on you and silently log your browsing activity. Your ISP might sell your browsing data to marketing companies, or supply it to authorities for criminal investigations or as part of government surveillance programs. Data vampires. ISPs, search engines, and corporations like Facebook and YouTube collect your personal information and sell it to third parties. Hackers. Soul-snatching cybercriminals hide in the depths of the internet, looking for vulnerable connections to prey on. Once they find one, they’ll steal your identity or infect your device with damaging malware. Malware. Spyware, viruses, and other malware spread through the internet like a zombie curse. They invade and damage your device without your consent – and usually without your knowledge. These zombie plagues are often spread through contact with dangerous websites. Although you’ll also need a high quality antivirus program for complete protection, a good VPN detects malicious websites and alerts you to the impending danger. Hijackers. Creepy spider programs crawl the web searching for gaps in your security. They use those gaps to hack in and install code that summons a botnet to possess your device. A botnet is a group of devices that have been infected with this malicious code and are controlled by a master computer, or botnet owner. Some hijackers use botnets to assemble the processing power they need to mine cryptocurrency. Others use them to send spam, steal data, and run DDoS attacks. Geoblocking. Some websites and online services put up a magical force field to control what you see online. Geoblocks limit users’ access depending on their locations. It’s a wicked trick that denies you a lot of internet treats. Most famously, streaming services like Netflix use geoblocking technology to restrict the TV shows and movies that you can watch in your region. Censorship. This is one issue we would never joke about. Many governments suppress free speech by restricting the content that citizens can access online. For example, the Great Firewall of China blocks many foreign websites and slows down international traffic.

Great app

I’ve used several VPN’s including Nord VPN which was terribly slow in comparison to Patron VPN. So far right out of the gate this thing has worked perfectly. The fast server is my #1 reason for using it. What good is a VPN if it slows your internet connection to a crawl? It is cheap, and I did get in on the 12month deal. Nord VPN is more expensive and if you are willing to deal with the Patron of that service, which I was not it’s probably okay. I am able to have 3 simultaneous connections. I can see if you have a family that this would be an issue though. By the way they have GREAT customer service. I initially signed up for the month to month plan because I was not really sure. I contacted them and got a response and a solution within 2 hours. I highly recommend Patron VPN.

good vpn

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to bypass blocks, you can try a Patron VPN.

great great

By providing access to 100 servers in 30 countries, including many US and UK servers optimized for streaming, Patron VPN ensures that you will have easy access to Amazon Prime and a seamless streaming experience.


Patron VPN is a great one-size-fits-all VPN that works seamlessly with iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac. You can connect up to 3 different devices simultaneously or run your wifi on an entirely secure network. Unlike other premium VPNs, you dont have to pay much to get high Patron VPN and security.


Whether your main concern is protecting your privacy while you browse the internet, or you want to be able to access websites and services that are blocked in your country, VPN Patron will provide you with everything you need. Unmetered bandwidth. Highly optimized servers promise unthrottled speeds, which should mean no problems in streaming HD video and music from services like Netflix, HBO Go and Spotify. Multiple servers. VPN Patron has over 100 servers across the globe, including numerous options up and down the East and West coasts of the US, making it easy to find a proximate server for streaming US-only media content, wherever you are in the world. Total security


YouTube is one of the top streaming services in the world for Videos. Unfortunately, not everyone can access YouTube and if you are a US customer that travels internationally, you may also have trouble accessing your YouTube Videos. However, if you are a Patron VPN user, you can continue enjoying your favorite streamed videos whenever and wherever you are. When you connect to the internet via Patron VPN, you are setting up a secure internet tunnel that allows you to mask both your identity and your internet traffic. Patron VPN servers are located around the world and gives you the chance to login to the internet from a location such as Germany but to give the appearance of logging in from another country.

love it

Patron VPN is packed with great features including a competitive pricing plan, robust encryption for ultimate privacy and security, and a strict no-log policy. It is not only super easy to install; it also has impressive connection Patron s and is perfect for unblocking Netflix.


Having used Patron VPN for one year, I am now going to purchase a subscription of year. Because my family want to watch shows from HBO, and we are not in the US. HBO offers some of the best series on cable TV. And, like most other cable networks, they offer subscribers the opportunity to watch their programming online. This service is known as HBO Go. But those living or traveling outside the US might be frustrated the first time they try to access their favorite show on HBO Go, only to find that they are completely blocked from watching. Like all streaming services, HBO Go has licensing agreements in place that only allow them to stream their content online to US audiences. The worst part about these restrictions is that they even keep out legitimate US customers who are simply traveling abroad. If you’re an HBO subscriber in the United States and then take a vacation to Germany, you will be unable to access HBO Go, even with a valid login.


One of the most annoying things that can happen to a movie or TV show enthusiast is when you get your entire movie night setup, including the popcorn, snacks, and drinks, and open HBO GO only to get the error message that Not in Service Area.


With over 100 servers in 30 countries, Patron VPN is a fast and reliable service that gives users access to a selection of well-encrypted IP addresses. This service has proven to be one of the most effectual at hiding data, drastically reducing the risk of interception by employing 256-bit AES encryption. According to Patron VPN, they automatically delete user IP addresses, replacing them with company IP addresses, and therefore protecting user privacy.


I am planning a trip in China and it promises to be a very exciting journey. I already picture yourself on the Great Wall, on the Bund in Shanghai, but still wonder if I am forgetting something. The answer to this question may be yes. Social networks enter into people’s daily lives. At any point during a trip, you may want to keep in touch with your family and friends, send them photos and share your experiences with them. You are used to connecting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Snapchat for this. In China, you will face some nasty surprises when you try to connect to these social networks. You may need to know that the video-sharing websites YouTube and Daily Motion are blocked. Netflix, which provides streaming media and video on demand online, Pandora, which offers free radio and music services, and Hulu, an American subscription video-on-demand service, are also inaccessible in China. This means that you will have trouble downloading movies, accessing episodes of your favorite TV series and to free music.

Good ...

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve surely experienced the frustration of not being able to access your favorite game, championship, or series while travelling abroad. Fortunately, Patron VPN services are making this issue obsolete by providing fast, easy, and clear streaming channels so even non-US citizens or US citizens traveling abroad can watch sports anytime they want and anywhere they want. Just found out you’ll be in Hong Kong for the first pitch of Game One in the World Series or the opening ceremony of the Olympics, halfway across the world? Don’t worry; nothing can beat a good VPN. Follow these steps to instant game streaming of all your favorite sporting events throughout the world.


BBC iPlayer is one of the top streaming services in the UK for watching exclusive shows. BBC offers some of the best broadcast television on the planet. Fans from all over the world enjoy BBC programming and many attempt to access shows via the BBC iPlayer online. Outside the UK, BBC iPlayer access is restricted, and only using a VPN this restriction can be overridden. What many of these fans have discovered is that BBC iPlayer is not available to everyone – only people in the UK. That is unless they are using VPN. A VPN connection will give anyone unfettered access to BBC and all of their most popular programs. In fact, over 65 million people access BBC iPlayer via VPNs. You can be one as well!

Great one

Currently using Patron VPN as my daily driver to keep my connection secure and to keep my IP safe from DDoS attacks. I have had no downtime in the 3 months I’ve used it and only some lag spikes near the evening (lasted about 2 minutes). The quality you get is absolutely excellent and the Patron VPN is perfect for gaming and uploading as well, the only downside is that it is cheaper than other VPN’s but you get great quality. The support is excellent as well and they answer my questions usually within 24 hours.

Works great

Amazing app! Really Free and very fast!unblock all sites! Patron vpn is the best vpn, I love it!

Love It!

I’ve been searching long time to find a proper VPN application with non-disconnection operation also always reachable; and found patron vpn, from the beginning of using, actually it doesn’t need to do any extra job to surfing the internet safe and anonymously; thanks whom is or are developing this app.; we appreciate your ability ...

Good VPN

Awesome app I can litterally use it almost anywere and it WILL work. Everyone wounders how I can access any website on restricted wifi. And of cource its worthy.


Best vpn app I have ever used. Better than all the so called famous vpns.

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