PatronVPN-Security Wifi Proxy App Reviews

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Did not tell me it’s was paying 35$



Best vpn ever

It works so fast thanks a lot


Got hot


You have to be on WiFi to hack into WiFi and it is unacceptable.


It works great and only has an occasional crash if I repeatedly hit the same button. (But thats not functionality that’s just me being impatient) The team behind the account were soooo nice! They approached me on Instagram asking about if I would like a free trial and, because free stuff, said yes. The app uses 256 bit encryption and all your info is safe with this app. 10/10 would recommend

Good VPN

This is a solid service that works as a VPN. It has ads of course but I really have no complaints except that there’s no large support that can support their privacy policy like TunnelBear or Private Internet Access and other paid services. But that’s not really a downside though.


It’s just so good

False advertisement?

I wanted to bypass my school network to play games, but just like every other vpn, fails to prove its advertisements true. (I know its mainly used for public network purposes.)

Fake reviews

I think that a lot of the reviews on this are fake due to the fact that instead of using spaces between words they use question marks. For example “ this?is?really?realiable” or something like that.


This VPN works pretty well when running but consistently turns off by itself on my school WiFi kicking me off of games.

The best VPN and I have used

Recommend your guys to use it.

It's really useful and servers are always up

It's really useful and servers are always up

Still good.


Good software.


great app to use

very fast and stable vpn ,will recommend to friends!

Good VPN,works well

very useful to connect VPN



Particularly useful software


Best VPN used so far

easy to use,so far can access vpn everytime and no restriction.

super fast

fast as I didn't use vpn but surf directly

It's OK


excellent app

I love this app. It is very simple and easy to use and it gets the job done.

it is convenient to use

the network is quite fast

good and try it

use successfully

Great app

Great app! Secure your network by using this apps for free, will definitely recommend to anyone.

How great this app is

easy to use and no additional information is required


Love this app,very simple and easy to use and it gets the job done.

fast and easy to use

really hope I can keep using it

nice and fast

it's really faster than others

Can you give it a try?


Not bad.


Best VPN used so far

Easy to use,so far can access vpn every time and have no time restriction.

Very good

This VPN APP is very good. You can connect to different countries. It has a high speed. Since I got this APP, I uninstalled my last VPN APP.

amazing VPN

I tried many different kinds of VPS before and honestly this is one of the best ones.

best vpn used in US

fast server to choose ,it is the best vpn I used so far in UAE.

Not bad


User friendly app

Easy to use! No additional information is required.

I advise everyone to get this app

I advise everyone to get this app

Love it,awesome idea

love it and use it everyday

Amazing vpn

I've tried many different kinds of VPN before and honestly this one is one of the best ones.Perfect and stable connection.

Looks good.


leave comment to gain time

still trying

Love it, awesome idea

I use it daily and it is a great VPN ever used.

great service

great service

Very good



This is a good app,I like it so much.

The most important thing is free.


Fast and easy use

I have used VPN for a long period. This one is much faster and stable than I used before.

easy and fast

perfect app

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